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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

EdenFantasys: Wonderland

*****warning this post has links and photos that are meant for adults only. If you are not over the age of 18 please do not click on any of these links.****

 Alice in Wonderland......How would you like to make this classic fairy tale be a part of something much more then you could ever thing. Just head on over to EdenFantasys and check out their Wonderland toy collection. Here is each one you can get in at EdenFantasys inside their Wonderland.

You have the mushroom on which the wise old caterpillar sit upon. He smoke on his pipe as he told Alice all the wise old saying he had. So why not turn your play time or me time into something wise with this mushroom.

Our Price:$34.99

Whether you're a fan of the Alice in Wonderland books and movies or just a fan of well-made sex toys, the Wonderland collection by Doc Johnson offers whimsical toys that hint at the theme without being over the top in design. The Mystical Mushroom is easy to use, strong for its size, easy to care for, and packaged in a distinct box that makes it well suited for a gift.

Wonderland - The kinky katdiscreet massager
Now this crazy disappearing cat was my favorite in the book and the movies. I loved the way he just wanted to pop when he just felt it was the right time to be there. There are thing that always like to just pop up, so why not use the massager  for them little things that just like to pop up.
Our Price:$34.99
In stock 

For any fan of Alice in Wonderland, the Kinky Kat would make an excellent addition. While the vibrations themselves are nothing out of the ordinary really, the design is unique and fun and easy to figure out and use. The soft silicone feels wonderful against the skin and the large head makes it an excellent choice for clitoral stimulation.

These are just two of the five you have to pick from. You can also get the Wonderland - The heavenly hearttraditional vibrator, which I know you can guess it would be the Queen of Hearts or you could say the Queen of all vibrator in Wonderland over at EdenFantasys.
You can also get the white rabbit that was always late for everything it seems. Wonderland - The white wabbitclitoral vibrator will never make you late again.
Last but not least you have the caterpillar him self but EdenFantasys calls him the The pleasurepillarg-spot vibrator.

And as you can see here they all come in a nice little story book:


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