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Thursday, May 17, 2012

EdenFantasys: Calling all Bloggers

**Warning the links in this post will take you to a adult site meant for ages 18 and up. So if you don't like adults site please do not click on any of the links in this post.**

Check this out from EdenFantasys, if you a are a blogger then this is for you. Come and join the EdenFantasys blog program called Eden Loves Bloggers.
Here is a little bit about the program that you can find on EdenFantasys website:

Eden Loves Bloggers!

Are you a blogger who wants to review free products, earn Eden gift cards by writing brief posts, or make money with your blog through banner or affiliate advertising? Then, join the “Eden Loves Bloggers” program! We have so many fun options for you.

Here is what I think about each of the options they have for you at Eden. You can only do either the on-site programs or the off-site programs you can't do both.
With the Eden Loves Bloggers program you will get the chance to review products that you chose for free. You just need to sign up to be a blogger for EdenFantasy, post two reviews on their site of products you have already used, then after you have that you will request to be upgraded to a reviewer on their site. Once are at this point you will be able to search though their products, grab them, put them in your assignment cart, and then you will request to review that product on your blog. After you send in the request it will have to be appoved before you will be mailed the product. Not only do you have to do it on you blog but also on their site. Sounds easy, well, take it from me, it is just that easy.

Not only with this programs do you get to do reviews and get free products but you an also do reviews on things that interests you on the site. By doing this and emailing in the link to you the review you posted, you will get a gift card for your review. It just keep getting better don't it. Well I am not done yet. With ever good thing they has to be something better. Where Eden also have a banner or affiliate advertising, which is where you can make money off family and friends when they buy stuff. All you have to do it place a banner on your blog and every time some clicks on it, then buy something you will get some for giving them the busy.
Just to clear this all up for you I will post a little bit about each that I found on EdenFantasy.

  • Get free products for your own honest review just make sure to link back to the Eden website.
  • As you grow as a review with this company you will be able to have more and more to chose from.
  • Earn gift card for writing blog post/reviews about thing going on with the Eden. Get the word about event or anything that you feel is will get people involved with Eden.
Our Eden Affiliate Program pays a standard 20% commission through all sales generated by your referrals. Commission Junction pays 20% to 30% on all referred sales. Eden Affiliate Programs provide flexibility, customization options, and the convenience of making referrals both online and offline, whereas Commission Junction ensures third party reporting.

Banner & Text Link Ad

Post a banner on your blog or web page to get people to check out Eden. As people check on your banner you will earn money. You can get paid by check or by pay pal.

Are you ready to work with Eden?
Fill out the form and our Blogger Relations staff will get back to you within 2 business days:


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