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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review: Travalo

Fresh fragrance wherever you go...

Travalo, the refillable perfume atomizer


1) Spray all your perfume out then fill it with new perfume and the old
smell fades within about 3-4 sprays.

2)Or put some water and a touch of nail varnish remover into an old
perfume bottle and put through Travalo and spray out.

3) Or go into local pharmacy and get small spray bottle (normally in travel
section) that has a nozzle compatible with Travalo. Fill this with water
and nvm and put through Travalo and spray out.

I found this extremely helpful, and have now bought one in pink, which I think is lovely. And I highly recommend to everyone.

Rapid Refill in Seconds

Travalo fills directly from almost any fragrance bottle with a removable spray head.
Take your Travalo straight out of the pack and it's ready to use immediately
Simply remove the nozzle from your big fragrance bottle, pump Travalo up and down on the tube, and you can be ready to go in just a few seconds.

Travalo in use
Travalo refills in seconds!
Refilling Travalo requires no funnel!

No funnels, No spills!

Travalo does not require a funnel, and there is no need to take it apart to refill it.
No more lost parts, no wasted fragrance, and no danger of spilling a single drop of your expensive perfume.

Falcon's Thoughts:
I'm really pleased with the item and can't believe that it actually is as easy to use as the box state. I was sent the sliver one which looks really good and also the Excel in sliver and I think I might invest in another one. The only feature I'm not so keen on is the plastic spray nozzle. It is very easy to use because it tells you how to use the atomizer right on the box. It is great when you are our out and about and you just need a little perfume to keep the night going.

Travalo Excel Pink
Travalo Excel Pink

Simply Red Travalo

Travalo Classic

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.

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