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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: FunBites

A little about FunBites taken from their website:


Thank you for visiting us at funbites®. My name is Bobbie Rhoads. My husband and I have two girls...Jackie who is now 11 and Dylan who is 7. A few years ago we came up with funbites®. Jackie has always been a great eater. She would eat pretty much whatever you gave her so long as the food was neat and organized. My little one, Dylan, was a different story. She was truly picky nicky - she liked the same food all the time, didn't like to try new things, unless it was junk food. Read more.

FunBitesTM is the first state of the art kitchen tool that instantly cuts food into fun-shaped bites. It’s made of high-performance material designed for strength, sharpness and durability to create bite-sized meals in less than 10 seconds. FunBitesTM promises to help get kids to try new things and eat healthier.

Falcon's Thoughts:
FunBites are AWESOME! They’re like cookie cutters, but in bite-sized pieces.  We have had so much fun cutting up grilled cheese sandwiches, and any other sandwiches, it’s great! These make mealtime so much easier and lot more fun for me, my wife, and our boys! They come in 2 shapes – Cube It! and Luv It! I can imagine that these awesome cutters have more functions than just mealtime! I got the Cube It! my bots love when I bring it out to cut up their sandwich. That is the one thing that makes me the happiest is to see them having fun.

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