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Friday, February 17, 2012

EdenFantasys: National Condom Week

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 National Condom Week is usually celebrated the same week as Valentine's Day in the USA.

In the US, February is National Condom Month. This weird month as some may look at it was originally started on the campus of the University of California - Berkeley. Since it originally started it has grown into a educational even for high schools, colleges, family planning organizations, AIDS groups, sexually transmitted disease awareness groups, pharmacies and condom manufacturers. Which all these people are looking to make people very aware of the usefulness of a condom.

Even though the week has grown, it continues to emphasize the importance of using using humor to help educate. Part of that has been to come up with slogans through the years for the week such as:

Don't be silly, protect your willy

When in doubt, shroud your spout

It will be sweeter if you wrap your peter

No glove, no love!

While humor is used to help provide education, National Condom Week has become a tool to help educate young adults about serious risks involved with unprotected sex. This includes the risk of catching and spreading sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS as well as helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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