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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Zevia Natural Diet Soda

A little about Zevia taken from their website:

Why do we do what we do?

The Z team is made up of soda-loving people. We grew up drinking classic soda flavors, and turned away from them for health reasons. So making naturally delicious, healthy versions of the familiar favorites we grew up with, without sugar, is our top priority. We make soda the way it should always have been.
For me, the Zevia story started with my conversion from a “sugar junkie” to a stevia fan. About 11 years ago, I quit sugar cold turkey in an effort to upgrade my health. I thought I was a health-conscious person – I exercised frequently, consumed meat in moderation, and consumed natural and organic products whenever possible. But when I really looked at my diet, I found I was consuming up to 250 grams of sugar per day, between protein shakes, energy bars, juice-based spritzers and other foods and beverages. That’s about 1,000 calories a day, just from sugars.
My wife and I decided we needed to make a change. We began using stevia as a sweetener, and to this day, my family uses only stevia in our household. Stevia has given us an alternative without negative side effects, and has kept us from feeling deprived in our sugar-free lifestyle. It’s had a tremendous impact on how we feel every day, and I’m confident it’s benefitting our long-term health. Read More..

Falcon's Thoughts:

When I first got my soda I was giving the Mountain Zevia. My kids loved the taste but I have never liked grapefruit since I was a little kids so for me these where not so great. These soda are good for people that like to drink diet soda all the time. Me I don't drink a whole lot of diet soda so it was totally different for me. Since I have gotten my Zevia I have brought some from the store because my kids love them.
Here is a little about each one of the flavors I tried out.

You know those sodas you drink when you want to unwind after a long day? The sodas that have a light, subtle flavor? The ones that you can enjoy right before you go to sleep? Mountain Zevia is not one of those sodas. Considered the rebel of the Zevia line, the bold citrus flavor in Mountain Zevia awakens your taste buds and breaks the mold of other sodas in the natural soda category. Mountain Zevia is pumped with orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit essential oils. One thing we didn’t do is pump Mountain Zevia with the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that usually accompany that great Mountain taste. This caffeinated natural pop will boost your energy, spirits and just about everything but your calorie count.

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