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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Skoy Cloths

Some facts about Skoy Clothes taken from the Skoy Cloth's website:

How we got our name

Looking for a name proved challenging. After looking for a long time, we found a word that is the philosophy of our business. Skoj (pronounced Skoy) is a Swedish word that means: “just for fun”! What a perfect word for our business. In other words, we wanted a business that we could have fun doing and at the same time would bring fun to the kitchen. With really cool designs we think we have accomplished this, while still doing our part to take care of the Earth.

About our factory

Our factory is aware of the responsibility for handling its resources carefully. We use renewable raw materials such as cellulose (derived from wood), and cotton to produce our SKOY cloths. Our factory has invested heavily in developing and implementing an integrated environmental recycling and disposal facility in which the economical use of energy and water is first and foremost. Production by-products are purified and recycled as far as possible within the process. Regeneration baths are returned to production by an evaporation process. Wastewater is treated at the site's biological wastewater purification plants. This environmental concept is at the vanguard of operations-related environmental policy and has resulted in our factory becoming a reference company throughout the industry.
Right Out Of The Falcon's Mouth:
Skoy is a cute cloth that is 100% biodegradable, long lasting. It can take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels - that is some that I like because I spend to much money on paper towels. When I first got my cloths, my wife thought they was cute and loved the fact of how brightly colored they were. My wife and I both looked at each other said there is no way that this cloth won't fall apart on the first use. Well it have been well over a week since I first used one and it is still bright and whole as the day I got them. To me these are a must have in any kitchen or house hold. They are easy to clean and keep their color very well. My wife used them in the kitchen to clean up after my two boys eat because they seem to get more food on the floor or my table then I think they get in their mouth. Also, I have a flat top stove and have been looking for a way to clean it with out the product falling apart. With the Skoy cloth I don't have to worry about that at all and I love that fact.

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