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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review & Giveaway: TheraPearl

Taken from TheraPearl's website:

Therapy based on the Beauty of Nature

TheraPearl® hot & cold therapy packs are doctor designed to provide extraordinary relief
from everyday aches and pains including inflammation, bruising, joint/muscle soreness and
so much more! Pearls conform to the body while holding their healing temperatures for the
doctor-recommended time (15-20 minutes) for optimal theraputic benefit. Freeze or
microwave. Non-toxic and reusable. Latex, lead and BPA-free.

Right Out Of The Falcon's Mouth:
I can remember back when I was in high school and I played football. When I would get hurt they would put ice on my knee, shoulder, ankle, etc, but it never seemed good enough. When I would go home my dad would always put frozen peas on the area that I had hurt at the game or just during practice and I loved the way they formed around my knee, shoulder, and ankle. The same so with the TheraPearl, wished I had one when I was in high school would have saved me at of time and pain. Now, that I am older I still have some pain from all the hurting I took on when in high school, and I use my TheraPearl just about every day. I am on a forklift all day and my knee always gets cramped up, so when I get home I am so ready for a good cold pack to go on my knee.

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